Friday, 13 November 2015

Studio Series: Tea packet collograph

Tea packet collograph on Shoji paper © Karen Thiessen, 2015
Every day I drink a few mugs of tea. Two of the teas are packaged in sealed plastic-lined paper pouches. I save the torn tops in a bowl and they add up. I glued an assortment to illustration board, inked it up, and ran it through a press. My first several attempts were failures, so I had to make another plate. Thank goodness I have lots of tea packet tops on hand. This is my only successful print. Patience and persistence pay off!


Claudia said...

Patience and persistence have long been a motto of mine, even if I don't always listen to it. Love the print! See? That's why we collect so many things - joy!

Karen said...

Collections for art-making purposes are allowed, the KonMari method be damned!

Jennifer said...

I've been working with tea bags a lot the past couple of years and while the tags and strings have been saved intermittently, and even some of the tea that's been emptied from the bags, it never ever occurred to me to save the tea bag packaging. I love you thought of it and have run with the idea. More please!