Monday, 6 June 2011

Quotes: Förster + Da Vinci

"The computer is a tool; I can't do without it. But the nice thing about making models is that in the process of doing, I'm more open to mistakes – maybe I put the tape in a way that I don't intend, but it shows a new possibility. In a computer everything is perfect. When I make models, it's intuitive and rough: I take a flat piece of paper, I cut it, I tape it. It's very quick. I find it very refreshing." 
-- Monica Förster, Stockholm furniture designer. 
Quote found in the May 2011 Dwell magazine, page 52. To view Monica Förster's work check out her website

"Stand still and watch the patterns, which by pure chance have been generated: Stains on the wall, or ashes in the fireplace, or the clouds in the sky, or the gravel on the beach or other things. If you look at them carefully you might discover miraculous inventions." -- Leonardo Da Vinci

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