Thursday, 23 June 2011

More Illustrator fun

© Karen Thiessen 2011 One-colour hexagon pattern
The black-and-white hexagon figure is the first Adobe Illustrator experiment that was worth saving. Just for you, I put it into repeat. While I was a NSCAD student, I hung out with a friend who crocheted. She would crochet a swatch, unravel the whole thing, crochet another swatch, unravel that, and so on. Until I started to relearn how to knit and crochet this past winter, I didn't get it. The same goes for my Adobe Illustrator play. I make patterns, delete the whole file, make more figures and patterns, delete, and so on... until recently. I'm now onto day 50 of learning and practice and I'm beginning to get results worth saving.

The hexagon figure took me a while to make and I learned a lot in the process. I learned how to align figures within each other using the arrow keys and a grid and how to use the blend tool. Now I want to learn how to add colour between each of the black lines, but I haven't discovered the secret yet. I hope it is possible to do this. When I do, I'll share my results. 

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