Friday, 3 June 2011

Evelyn Kelch: Well Dressed Man

Evelyn Kelch Eyelet 
Evelyn Kelch Gun 
Evelyn Kelch's graphic design training is evident in her crisp, clean surrealist collages. A modern-day Hannah Höch, Kelch constructs her precise images from current magazines and with the exception of Gun, most of the 14 framed collages are black-and-white. The work is so seamless that I had to look closely to determine that the collages weren't photographic prints. The images are cool-toned and have a feel of machine-made stainless steel men. 

Evelyn Kelch's exhibit Well Dressed Man is showing at You Me Gallery until June 5 and it is paired with Kathy Renwald's Seek ShelterKelch's collages provide a contrast to Kathy Renwald's loose three-dimensional assemblages. The pairing of Kelch and Renwald is brilliant: go see for yourself.

Evelyn Kelch Well-Dressed Man #1

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