Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sandra Brownlee: Tactile Notebooks workshop II

Yesterday I wrote about last week's workshop with Sandra Brownlee. Sandra brought several suitcases of goodies with her from Halifax, including her notebooks that have fascinated me for the past 16 years. As I shared, I learned a lot from Sandra and my fellow workshoppees (a new word soon to find itself into the next OED) and this week I'm giving my sketchbooks the royal treatment. I'm coating pages with gesso, ink, soil (yes, really!), and other colourful substances. I'm stitching into pages, playing with correction pens and vellum. Thanks to Thea, I'm playing with vellum and ink in different ways. Thanks to Noelle, I'm looking at my tea bags with a new appreciation and I've made a sinfully delicious vegan cashew cream! (Here I restrained myself to only one exclamation mark, but in truth my excitement for the cashew cream is the equivalent of five). Stylish Gitte shared with me her three favourite stores to buy clothes. I learned at least one thing from each workshop participant and a great deal from Sandra. Writing this just makes me want to go straight to my studio.

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