Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Basket of Poppies

Cousin Edna moved recently and gave me two bags of textiles, patterns, and notions all neatly labelled with notes of where each item came from. In the stash were patterns and notions from my Oma and from Edna's mom. In January I wrote about my Oma's poppies needlepoint that hung on her dining room wall. To my delight, the catalogue containing the Basket of Poppies pattern was in the stash. It comes from Jean McIntosh Needlework Ltd. and was designed in 1959. Since the price list is from February, 1966, I'll assume that Oma stitched it the same year. I did an internet search and the company is still in business and the Basket of Poppies pattern is still available. In 1966, the pattern cost $17.95 and today it is $220.00. Although I likely won't stitch the Basket of Poppies, it is nice to know more about it and that Jean McIntosh is a Canadian company formerly based in Winnipeg and now based in Calgary. Over the next few weeks, I'll show some of the other gems from this stash.

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