Friday, 26 August 2011

Sun print redux

Here in Canada, summer is on its way out. If you've had an urge to go outside and make sun prints, now is the time. I bought my Super Sunprint® Kit from Swipe Books in Toronto. The paper is 20x30 cm and when I did my first prints a few weeks ago, I found that the paper was too big for what I was doing, so I cut the remaining sheets in half. Once you start, the ideas keep flowing and I found myself digging through my odd collections to find unusual things to print with. In the top image are wooden toothpicks. A few weeks ago I found the leaf during a walk and pressed it in my knapsack sketchbook. The kits are geared for people aged 6 to adult, so if you have a child this would be a fun end-of-summer activity.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! That would be fun to do with or without the kiddies! thx =)

Anonymous said...

These are great, especially the leaf.