Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Postcards: Veronica Graham

For years I've been looking at this postcard, not realizing that it said anything other than Bonus Map on one side and mutemanifold.com on the other side. OK, I thought, that's the new way to do postcards-- leave us in the dark and force us to go to the (now inactive) website: it's a mystery that we must solve ourselves. I picked it up in San Francisco in 2008 and only now do I see words at the bottom. It reads: an installation by Veronica Graham with musical entertainments. May 1 to May 25 at Cellspace... Although the postcard's message was hidden to me, I've admired the complexity of the pattern for three years. I suppose that if I had looked at the postcard with greater attention, I would have seen that the letters at the bottom actually formed words instead of just filling out the pattern. 

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