Monday, 30 January 2012


I had a visitor in the laundry room on Sunday. Boris is a big, beautiful, black spider (always avoid alliteration) of an unknown species and family (possibly a Wolf Spider). For now, Boris lives in a jar. I don't know what to feed him other than apple morsels. Boris would probably prefer to eat other insects. Where are they when you need them? He's not exactly a visitor that I want roaming freely around the house, but I'm not yet ready to place him outside in the cold, and I can't bring myself to squish him. He keeps me company while I write and eat my meals.

During our first weeks living in Singapore, a gecko lived in our kitchen. He was a small, translucent creature that brightened my day. One day while wiping down the counter, I slid the toaster sideways. Unfortunately he was underneath it and didn't make it. No other gecko visited us after that. Sigh.

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