Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Postcards: WhizBang Fabrics

WhizBang Fabrics was a cute fabric store in San Francisco's Mission District that closed in March 2009, but the postcard lives on. Stores come and go. What makes one stay in business for a long time, but not the other? The ability to diversify is one key element. Toronto's Workroom has a smart balance of classes, products available on-location and on-line and a super-effective blog. Just looking at the Workroom website makes me dream of one day learning how to pattern draft and sew my own clothes and crochet zigzag afghans. In the meantime, I'll teach myself Adobe Illustrator and learn more about the big camera. 

I'm a sucker for pattern and I see myself learning how to replicate the overlapping circles for an Adobe Illustrator project. 

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