Thursday, 26 January 2012

Transition and transformation

This week I'm both completing a second term on a community board and eight consecutive years serving on various boards. One year I was on three boards while my terms overlapped. I love serving on committees and boards with dynamic and diverse people who are committed to making a positive difference in the community. I love the synergy that comes out of nowhere and when a group of very different people work together to make extraordinary things happen. Good things come to an end and I've decided to take a breather from boards and committees and instead work under the radar for a while. I have a few small projects in the works that I am super excited about. In one of his books, Tom Peters talks about taking over neglected areas in organizations and that's exactly what I've started to do. So, I'm in transition and the dusty corner of a certain organization is being transformed, and in the process, so am I. I'll share more as the projects unfold.

The above images are more of my Adobe Illustrator meanderings from last week.

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Judy Martin said...

You have done your part.
Now, it is your decade. Work for yourself with the same energy.

Glad to hear that you are super-excited about your own projects.