Friday, 13 January 2012

Judith Scott at the Museum of Everything video

If you want to see a good representation of Judith Scott's work, check out this video which documents her 2011 solo exhibition at the former Selfridges Hotel in London UK. It's the first time I have seen so much of her work and have seen it 3-D (as much as a conventional video can be 3-D). I've written about Judith here and at the moment it is the most frequently viewed post on this blog. According to the Creative Growth website, it was the largest ever solo exhibition of Judith Scott's work. I wish I could have seen this amazing show in person. In addition to the Selfridges exhibit, there was also a 2011 solo show called Objects Secrets in Paris. The Objects Secrets link has high quality images of the installation.

An update: Creative Growth has a book about Judith Scott for sale in their online shop. Metamorphosis: The Fiber Art of Judith Scott by John MacGregor. The price is reasonable $40.00, but they ship by UPS and the shipping costs are very high.
Metamorphosis - The Fiber Art of Judith Scott: The Outsider Artist and the Experience of Down's Syndrome

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