Thursday, 3 May 2012

Garden Dreams

Photo credit: Doug Porter
With spring comes thoughts of the garden. Last year we expanded our front garden into part of our driveway and now I'm thinking about plants and funky garden structures such as these red and yellow bamboo sticks. I've read that it takes five to eight years for a garden to mature, so it will take a while to get it right and see how the plants adapt and get along with each other. The new space is one of only two areas on the property that get sun and boy am I excited. The other area is now garden too. Last summer we tore down an old shed in the backyard where raccoons, cats, and birds went underneath to die and over this burial ground my husband built four raised planters where we will attempt to grow vegetables. I'm a country gal and never encountered a shade garden until we bought the fixer-upper that we now call home. I have learned to work with the gazillion trees on and around our yard, but secretly I yearned for a space to plant sunflowers, butterfly bushes, zinnias, vegetables, and a whole host of other sun-loving plants. Last autumn, I planted a few perennials in the front sun garden and in three weeks I'll head to the garden centre for annuals and vegetable plants. Whee!!

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