Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Postcards: Fausta Facciponte

Fausta Facciponte Emma for $1.15, 2007
Have you seen Fausta Facciponte's show of doll portraits yet? I saw this at Hamilton's McMaster Museum of Art in 2009 and I was blown away. The digital photographs mounted on plexiglass are 40 x 48 inches, much larger than doll size. The dolls are in various stages of "lovedness" and many of the photos are creepy-cute. A few of the dolls appear to be possessed by demons as they stare the viewer down – the stuff of nightmares. Other dolls evoke pity or sympathy. In a previous life, they were loved by their young owners, only to be discarded later to the thrift store or garage sale. I still have two of my well-loved childhood dolls garbed in dresses that my great-grandmother made for them. 

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