Friday, 4 May 2012

Week 17: Adobe Illustrator

Ziggy Zag ©Karen Thiessen 2012
Do you remember my goal of creating a starburst pattern in Adobe Illustrator (AI)? Ziggy Zag is the reason behind it. A few years ago I created a version of this pattern in Photoshop from a section of this postcard. Photoshop is a memory pig, and Ziggy Zag is a vector-based pattern, so why not learn to recreate it in a more efficient program? Right. One of the frustrating aspects of AI is that unlike Photoshop, there is no obvious cropping tool. If there is, I haven't learned it yet. The Divide Objects Below tool is the closest thing to a marquee or cropping tool that I've found and I'm still figuring out how to use it effectively. I have more ideas for this pattern, but Rome was't built in a day. 

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