Thursday, 20 December 2012

Jolie Bird @ Hard Twist

Jolie Bird Turntable wrapped in gold thread, 2012
If you haven't already seen it, Hard Twist is on at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto until January 27, 2013. Hard Twist is a fibre arts exhibition associated with a larger fibre festival based in nearby Oakville.

Jolie Bird is hot stuff these days. I first encountered her work at Fibreworks 2012 and was pleased to see it again at Hard Twist. Her work was also accepted into Fiberart International 2013.
Jolie Bird Installation @ Hard Twist
Bird's work is installed in the lobby of the Gladstone Hotel at eye-level if you are tallish like me. The more examples that I see of her work, the more I am impressed and amazed. I'll bet covering that record was pretty challenging, especially the narrow edge. 
Jolie Bird Stand & Headphones wrapped in gold thread, 2012
I think we'll see a lot more of Jolie Bird's work in the near future. 

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