Friday, 21 December 2012

Week 47: Adobe Illustrator

Crosses IIc © Karen Thiessen, 2012
Nerd alert: this week's Adobe Illustrator pattern is brought to you by the triangle. Last week I had a significant breakthrough: I learned how to make specific angle triangles in AI. It's easy to make an equilateral triangle in Illustrator, but it's not so straightforward to make a right-angle, obtuse or acute triangle. Here's the website where I learned how to make a Specific Angle Triangle.
Crosses IIIb © Karen Thiessen, 2012
Learning how to draw any triangle that I can imagine has been such a revelation that I'm now obsessed with making multiple iterations of triangle patterns. Crosses IIc and Crosses IIIb are based on a long skinny triangle that I made crosses with and then put them into a repeat pattern. Crosses IIc reminds me of dancing stars. Crosses IIIb has the feel of an old-fashioned Formica pattern. While I was playing around with making Crosses IIc, I figured out a great way to fill the gaps between my initial repeat units and how to change specific colours in one easy step (Select fill colour tool). Yes, it's been an awesome week for learning new things in AI!

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