Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Swedish Weaving: My Trip Through Life

Once again, my mom steals the show. My Trip Through Life is a baby afghan that my mom made to commemorate all the vehicles in a man's life. Mom used the Cars and Trucks pattern by Cindy Young and Lisa Clark as her guide.
My Trip Through Life reads from right to left. On the far right is the car that brought the boy home from the hospital when he was born. The pickup is the first vehicle he learned to drive, then the truck (it looks like a 10 wheeler to me) and then when he retired from trucking he bought a camper trailer and travelled all over North America.
Mom and dad ran a transportation company before they sold it and retired. Dad started with a 10 wheeler and eventually moved up to a fleet of 18 wheelers. 
When they retired they bought a camper trailer and now travel around North America like my grandparents did before them.