Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Studio Series: BWD 3

BWD 3 © Karen Thiessen, 2006
Bliss, Wonder & Delight a.k.a. BWD is a series of stitched textiles in shades of white that I created following the Shadow series. BWD 3 is 24.5 centimetres square (or 9 5/8" square) and consists of various cotton fabrics, silk, wool felt, found trimmings and is hand and machine stitched and appliquéd with cotton, polyester and silk threads. I over-dyed some of the fabrics with tea.
BWD 3 detail © Karen Thiessen, 2006
In 2006 I took a class with Deirdre Nelson, a U.K. textile artist, at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. The biggest takeaway for me was the sculptural potential of the detached buttonhole stitch which you can see demonstrated in the stitched circle in the right portion of the above image. Had I shown a side view, you would see that it resembles Madonna's Jean-Paul Gaultier designed cone bra

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