Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Studio Series: Children's Art Quilt sneak peak

Last week I wrote about my effective use of constructive procrastination. This week I offer evidence of my latest procrastination project: the Children's Art Quilt community project that I have written about here and here. In December I overdid the quilting and strained a few body parts, so I took a month off to let everything reset. In mid-January I returned to quilting with a better strategy: five days a week I quilt while I listen to two audio CDs, usually for 2 hours and 20 minutes, and then I stop, take a break and attack my tag series for my upcoming show. Twelve hours of quilting a week, and no more, is working just fine for my body and the quilt.
Last week an unabridged audio book of The Time Traveler's Wife carried me through the quilting and now I'm listening to another Ian Rankin Rebus mystery. I chose The Time Traveler's Wife because the main character Claire is a sculptor who uses paper as her medium. I loved listening to the studio scenes since once upon a time I studied paper-making and then was a studio tech for two eminent paper makers at a summer school for the arts.

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