Monday, 13 May 2013

Insect pins

No. 5 Insect pins 
For those who are wondering how I hung my tag series, I used No. 5 stainless steel insect pins. I bought them from Indigo Instruments in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada). The service was quick and friendly. Jennifer Angus, textile artist and author extraordinaire kindly pointed me in the right direction of what size of pin would work in drywall. She prefers to use size 3 with her insects, to minimize the hole size, but size 5 works best if the wall has had several coats of paint. When my hubby and I hung the show, we used a push pin to make the hole first, and then added the insect pin.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Karen. I've never heard of insect pins and you can buy them right in my own backyard. But, what about the groups of collages? Did you use the pins on them too?

Karen said...

Hi Joanne, The six inch square collages are all on Paulownia cradled panels that I bought at Aboveground Art Supplies in Toronto.