Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Studio Series: Collaboration

My solo show of modular work goes up soon. I feel very calm about it, which means that the work is ready. Naturally I'll continue to make more work until the 11th hour. The moment the show goes up, I will hit the ground running making a new piece for a group show in July. I will be working in aluminum, a first for me. 
I've never worked with metal, so I'll have a steep learning curve. While I feel calm about my solo show, I'm feeling both excited and anxious about the group show. Ah balance! =)
The risk in trying new things well outside my comfort zone and current abilities is that the new work may "suck." The risk in not trying new things is that I'll stagnate in my bubble of comfort. Pop rivet gun here I come.

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Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you well in the aluminum business...