Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Unit(y) installation @ You Me Gallery

Continuum © Karen Thiessen 2013
Finally I have some pics (before the lighting was fine-tuned) of my Unit(y) exhibition at You Me Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario. Along the one wall I hung about 120 tags that I had painted, collaged, quilted, stitched, dyed and more. I had over 300 tags that I could have hung had the gallery been longer! At the opening people responded positively to the line. They looked slowly, then started over again. Some folks took three trips to view Continuum and saw something new each time.
Continuum © Karen Thiessen 2013
Originally Continuum was not for sale, since I wasn't sure about the logistics, but the day after the opening Bryce Kanbara, the gallery owner, convinced me to sell them individually, so if you are in the gallery and see one or two that you like, let Bryce or me know. 
Continuum & Composition in Red #3, #1, and #2 © Karen Thiessen 2013
The opening went well despite intermittent periods of torrential rain. Thank you to all who stopped by to view the work. The show is up until Sunday June 9, so you still have time.

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