Thursday, 21 June 2012

Japanese Fabrics

Japanese fabrics; Photo credit: Karen Thiessen 2012
Chance is a wonderful thing. In April my husband and I wandered onto Harbord Street in Toronto, a place that we hadn't visited in a very long time. We took a day to see new parts of the city and wandered here and there, just following our curiosity. Harbord Street was interesting: a mix of ordinary and almost trendy shops and restaurants. In the mix was Things Japanese, a Japanese decor and gifts shop. I have a thing for Japanese bowls and fabrics. Since we were walking, I passed on buying any bowls, but on the way out I spotted baskets of fabrics close to the floor. By chance I found Things Japanese, and again by chance, I spotted the fabrics. Last week I visited the shop again, this time with my friend visiting from out-of-town who as a Third Culture Kid spent 10 years of her childhood living in Japan. Naturally, I bought more fabric.

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