Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Studio Series: Pink Cross quilt

Pink Cross quilt ©Karen Thiessen 2012
Looking at Pink Cross brings back memories of place. I pieced the square that this quilt was named after in Singapore using fabrics that I had dyed and printed while I was a Sheridan textiles student and fabrics that I bought in Bali and Singapore's Little India. When I pieced the pink cross square, I had just graduated from Sheridan and then moved to Singapore. I pieced the other squares in the months following my graduation from NSCAD when I was feeling lost. I pieced all the squares together in the months following the end of my residency in the Harbourfront Textiles studio. Pink Cross is all about finding my new path during transitions. It's big: 80.75” W X 80.5” H or 205 cm W X 204.5 cm H.

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