Friday, 8 June 2012

Week 22: Adobe Illustrator

Wallander wheel
Wallander wheel motif © Karen Thiessen 2012
Wallander wheel pattern © Karen Thiessen 2012
I've hit a motivation wall in Illustrator. I'm still committed to learning the program five days a week, but I'm in a dull section of the book right now. Curiosity is a big pull for me so whenever I see a pattern I ask myself "How would I make that in Adobe Illustrator?" The other day I was watching a Wallander* DVD, a crime series filmed in Sweden, and I saw the ferris wheel in the top image. My curiosity kicked in and I played with replicating it. The motif is rather boring, but filled with colour and put into repeat, it has potential.

Swoon alert! *Wallander, starring Kenneth Branagh, is so gorgeously filmed that one could watch it again and again without sound. The images are high contrast and the light quality is breath-taking. The series is filmed using a digital Red camera. I know of few TV series or movies that are so visually exquisite. Oh, the story-lines and the acting are first-rate too. P.S. Anything you watch after Wallander will seem second-rate. Wallander has ruined me... in a good way.


Judy Martin said...

Is your version Wallander in Swedish with English subtitles? I have been thinking about it. Thanks for the review.

Karen said...

Hi Judy,
The Wallander that I am referring to is filmed in English (so you can stitch and watch at the same time like I do). Apparently there is an older Swedish version too, but not as beautiful.