Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Studio Series: Shadow Transformation VI

Shadow Transformation VI quilt ©Karen Thiessen 2012
Shadow Transformation VI quilt detail ©Karen Thiessen 2012
Shadow: Transformation VI was fun to make. It started off as a sad quilt top that I pieced as a NSCAD student. The colours were all wrong and the top had no depth or contrast, so I abandoned it. While I was an artist-in-residence at Harbourfront, I over-dyed the top and the result is visual velvet. Normally I don't use polyester* in any of my textiles, but obviously some snuck in. The jolts of blue are cotton polyester fabrics that resisted the Procion dye. It works. Once dyed, I hired Jacqueline Harris to machine quilt the piece and when she brought it back to me, I went in and hand-quilted between the machine-quilted lines and then added the quilt binding. Transformation VI is 62.5" X 80" (158 cm X 203 cm)

* In another post I'll talk about polyester and off-gassing.

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