Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Studio Series: Cycles I

Cycles I © Karen Thiessen, 2007
Cycles I is another shadow box that I created for the Textile Museum of Canada shadow box auction. It's one of my three favourite TMC shadow boxes: Sticks & Stones and Oooo are my other two. I made it in parallel to Cycles II and both were a pleasure to make. The four squares are each 2" x 2". Two of the squares are industrial felt in which I burned marks with a soldering iron and then stitched. The pearls are from my grandma's stash, the hair is my own. The upper left square is German text collaged with birch bark and the lower right square is compost-stained fabric that I stitched and then added painted tarletan and matches.

Once most of my immediate studio deadlines are met, I'd like to return to making shadow boxed textile "environments."

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