Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Studio Series: Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones © Karen Thiessen, 2006 
Sticks & Stones is among my top three favourite shadow boxes that I created for the Textile Museum of Canada's shadow box auction. Before I ever heard of the amazing India Flint, I was mucking around with natural dye substances. I machine stitched the base fabric quilt sandwich with free motion embroidery (I sandwiched cotton quilt batting between two layers of cotton muslin) and then I tucked the wad into some compost in a sealed container in my laundry room and then I forgot about it. Compost goes anaerobic when sealed which means that I "rediscovered" my forgotten experiment with the help of my nose. The fabric was a slimy mess when I pulled it out and it was a lot of work to wash off the particles that clung to the fabric. The whole ordeal was worthwhile once I saw (and could not smell) the end result. That green spot at the top is thanks to composted romaine lettuce. Cool, eh?


india flint said...

i like the stitched bones!

Karen said...

Why thank you!